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Scout Society Association от Румъния кани за участие в обучителен курс на тема „A society without racism"


Training Course

6-12 November 2021 | Targu-Jiu, Romania

Scout Society Association

The project is a continuity of the exchange of young people - A society without racism. It is an initiative of the group leaders from the previous project, who are also youth workers.

The mobility of the youth workers that will take place 6 days (+1 days of transport) in which 3 youth workers from the partner organizations will participate: Turkey; Greece; Slovenia; Bulgaria; Cyprus; Estonia, Spain and Czech Republic.

The aim of the project is to increase the degree of acceptance and integration into the community of migrants / refugees by building multicultural communities through the sustainable methods that will be developed by the youth workers during the 7 months of project implementation.

The main objectives are:

- promoting the benefits of a multicultural society and the fundamental / universal rights, among the 29 youth workers in the partner communities during the 7 months of the project;
-improving the degree of acceptance and integration into the society of migrants / refugees through the activities undertaken by the youth workers in each local community during June-December 2021 as a result of the steps studied during the training of the course;
- encouraging the development of solid partnerships during the 6 days during the training course, among the 29 youth workers in order to implement high quality Erasmus + projects.

At the time of planning, the writing of the application for the project was discussed with the partners about the importance of the impact on all the actors involved in this training. Each entity has assumed responsibility for involvement in the activities of the course so that at the end of it to reach the desired result.

Due to the training of this group of youth workers the expected impact is that the level of tolerance towards migrants will increase, the discriminatory situations will diminish and each citizen will have the possibility to integrate easily in another country if the personal situation imposes it.

We fully believe that once the participants will be involved in this training they will gain more confidence in their strengths, in their own activities and the problem of radicalizing the people coming from other communities will be slowly diminished by involving the youth workers who will use them in the actions. their new methods learned.
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Infopack A society without racism.

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