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The Gender Equality Studies submit nominations for candidates to attend the postgraduate diploma programme.

Organizations are invited to submit nominations for candidates to attend the postgraduate diploma programme.The Gender Equality Studies (GEST) will then contact the qualified nominees and invite them to fill out a more elaborate application form.

The Gender Equality Studies welcomes expressions of interest all year round. Nominations submitted by 14 March 2022 will be considered for the programme in January - May 2023.

The Gender Equality Studies and Training programme (GEST) promotes gender equality and social justice in low income countries, conflict and post-conflict societies, through research, training, and education at postgraduate level. Its main target group is professionals working for government and civil society organisations in low income countries and post-conflict societies undergoing reconstruction.

The main objectives are to develop:

  • The capacity of professionals and organizations working to advance gender equality in developing, conflict and post-conflict societies.
  • An understanding of the main issues in international gender equality studies and how they apply to different cultures, and how they intersect with ethnicity, sexuality, religion, race and class.
  • Skills in gender analysis and in dissemination of knowledge about gender equality methods.
  • The capacity to engage in critical and transnational dialogue on gender equality issues.
  • An ability to organize and manage projects focusing on gender equality.
  • A sense of the individual’s social and geographic location, and of how meanings of main concepts and practices are changed through transnational transfers and dialogues.

The target group for the GEST postgraduate diploma programme consists of young professionals from developing countries and conflict/post-conflict societies working on gender issues for government ministries and agencies, as well as civil society organizations and educational institutes.

The GEST programme is looking for individuals who:

  • have at least one university degree at BA/BS/BEd level
  • are fluent in both spoken and written English
  • have at least 2 years of professional experience relevant to the advancement of gender equality
  • are junior professionals or young researchers (priority is given to individuals younger than 35 years old)
  • have leadership skills and are in a position to be agents of change
  • are committed to advancing gender equality
  • are nationals and residents in low or middle income countries, or from conflict/post-conflict societies

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