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HITL Business Stars Course - FREE

Humans in the Loop Foundation is announcing the launch of a new HITL Business Stars Course.

Our FREE HITL Business Stars Course, is designed for people who already have a business idea, who want to start a small online business or have started their own business and are looking for ways to expand their business presence online and in social media. It will give you the basics of online marketing and how to successfully develop your enterprise using digital tools. 

HITL Business Stars Course =>  Application Form

Duration: 12-week program (3 separate training modules Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Wordpress); 2-hour sessions three times a week, from 18:30 to 20:30.

Who can apply: Individuals (over 18 years) coming from conflict-affected areas, who have basic IT skills and a good command of English or Bulgarian. 

How to apply: Follow the links below, with more information about the HITL Business Stars Course, to enter your details and apply.

We are looking forward to your application. Wishing you good luck!