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Фондация „Смокиня" и доброволците ѝ организират Latvian Short films

Фондация „Смокиня" и доброволците ѝ организират Latvian Short films
Фондация "Смокиня" и доброволците ѝ организират Latvian Short films.
Публикацията е на английски език, тъй като събитието е организирано от международните доброволци на фондация "Смокиня". За подробности, моля прочетете надолу:

Do you want to know more about situation in Latvia, about Latvians as nationality, their good and bad sides?Well, if your answer is yes, I have good news for you – you have an opportunity to learn more. You are invited to join!

For 2 days – June 13-14 in the evening for a couple of hours we are going to gather in Smokinya Foundation for 3-4 short documentaries that are made by Latvian directors. Between movies we are going to discuss topics such as acceptance, inspiration, generational difference, like minded thinking and others.

June 13
1) Thinking school / Domāt skola – 2015, directed by Krista Burāne
2) Ours / Mūsējie – 2017, directed by Matīss Spaile
3) Project: Moving / Projekts: Pārcelšanās – 2018, directed by Kārlis Lesliņš

June 14
1) Last bell / Pēdējais zvans – 2015, directed by Alise Zariņa
2) Grandfather’s Father / Vectēva tēvs – 2016, directed by Kārlis Lesliņš
3) Miracle Hunters: Zilaiskalns / Brīnumu mednieki: Zilaiskalns – 2018, directed by Liene Laviņa – Kalnaella, film studio ''RIJA''

Take a cozy blanket and some healthy snacks and join us!

This event might be photographed or filmed. By participating in the activity, you consent to photo, video, audio recording of you and their release or reproduction to be used for promotional purposes, advertising, inclusion on web sites, or for any other purpose unless noted differently.



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