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Deputy Executive Director of For Our Children Foundation

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Дата на публикуване:
20 август 2019
Валидна до:
20 септември 2019
Име на организация:
гр. София
Пощенски код:
кв. Сердика, ул. Гюешево, №21, ет.2
02/980 70 58,02/ 988 82 45
Факс :
980 70 58, 988 82 45
Интернет страница:
Сфера на дейност:
Социални услуги
Пълно описание:
For Our Children Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization that since 1992 has supported vulnerable Bulgarian children and their families. For Our Children Foundation is a successor to the British human rights organizations: The European Children's Trust, Christian Children's Fund of Great Britain and Every Child.With international experience and quality expertise, for the first time the organization has piloted support for parents to prevent child abandonment, foster care and a set up for community teams of social workers providing child protection services. For more than 27 years, For Our Children Foundation has been a model for quality social work, transparent and effective NGO leadership and successful advocacy for the protection of children's rights and effective child development policies.

For Our Children Foundation provides professional social services to the most vulnerable children at early age by encouraging the constant, secure and developing family relations.

"Development and happy childhood for the most vulnerable children in Bulgaria"

In our daily work, we are guided by the following main values:
Professionalism and constant development, loyalty, constructive dialogue, teamwork, transparency, openness and honesty, tolerance for differences, business relationships with a focus on the goals.

Our causes:
  • Early childhood development.
  • Prevention of abandonment of babies and small children and family breakdown
  • Foster care for children at risk
  • Children's House – temporary home care for babies and small children.

As part of our growth and vision for strategic development of the organization, we announce the position
Deputy Executive Director of
For Our Children Foundation

Objective of the position:
Leads the strategic management of For Our Children Foundation in the areas of organizational development and project management. Leads the projects share and strategy as one of the elements for organizational stability and development adding to our projects portfolio and abilities to attract resources. Manages the organizational development and growth. Supports the aspirations and effective operation of the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council of the Foundation.

Key responsibilities:
  • Follows European and world-wide trends in the field of human rights, child rights, social change and the provision of services similar to those offered by For Our Children Foundation;
  • Identifies, proposes and implements successful models of sustainable operations of NGOs in the social change sphere;
  • Develops and uses the potential of contacts and relationships with diplomatic missions and international partners in the field of organizational development and technological solutions for high level of effective management and successful leadership;
  • Builds the image of the organization by presenting the unique organizational model to internal and external audiences, as well as the history, the stages of the organizational development, the quality of the achievements of For Our Children Foundation. ,
  • Leads the attracting of new strategic partners for the development and funding of the Foundation's activities;
  • Leads the projects share and strategy as one of the elements for organizational stability and development which includes project research, planning, management, monitoring and evaluation and social value;
  • Works together with the organization's management to maintain a high level of transparency, ensuring a high level of knowledge in the organization, as well as facilitating the availability of an up-to-date strategy, annual plan and organizational information tools, describing the achievements and challenges communicated with the stakeholders of the organization;
  • Works to raise awareness and improve the implementation of approach based on human rights in the operation of the organization;
  • Leads the Foundation's advocacy work, strategic communications and partnerships with representatives of other sectors of public life, in response to the external environment in Bulgaria on children's rights, and the role of NGOs with a focus on NGOs, think tanks, research communities;
  • Leads the development of social innovation and entrepreneurship at the Foundation with high priority on its training capacity contributing to the generation of funds from it.
  • Manages and develops participation in international projects and our positioning among international NGOs and associations;

What we are looking for?
  • At least 5 yearsof experience at senior manager position in the field of social innovations, social change and civil society development
  • Sound knowledge of the Bulgarian legislation in the field of human rights, social policy, as well as the main challenges in its implementation;
  • Masters degree and qualification in the field of economics / social services and entrepreneurship / social pedagogy / psychology / social activities, as well as additional specializations or publications in the field of social change, NGO leadership, protection and integrated services, advocacy, and management of projects or equivalent experience.
  • Excellent written and oral literacy in Bulgarian and Englishlanguage. Proficiency in Russian will be considered as an advantage.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Experience in media coverage of his/her work;
  • Proven negotiation skills and ability to work with representatives of different stakeholders including representatives of the corporate sector, diplomatic missions in Bulgaria and society leaders.

Essential Characteristics:
  • Charismatic leader who shares our values and stands for human rights
  • Excellent communication skills, demonstrating experience in creating different ways to engage public and corporate partners from national and international caliber;
  • Highly Motivated to positively change Bulgaria and its social status by investing in its children and families
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Able to prioritise multiple high priority tasks rapidly & simultaneously
  • Strong team player: capable of integrating with an international team
  • Loyal & Trustworthy
  • Able to document all processes and procedures quickly, clearly and concisely
  • Able to lead change and adapt to changing situations
  • Able to takeeffective decisions
  • Strategic thinking and planning skills

What we offer:
  • Context to make your dreams, dedicated to positive social change in Bulgaria come true
  • Permanent employment contract and stable development path;
  • Positive and legally correct employer-employee relationships allowing you to feel stable and secure at the workplace;
  • Opportunity to work with inspirational leaders with a proven record of social change and successful projects history and experience. Position level - senior management and grade level regarding an internal system for evaluating positions according to their role in the organization;
  • An exceptional opportunity to work with a truly motivated and dynamic team dedicated to the cause of the Foundation;
  • Remuneration regarding the internal salary system and according to the level of the position;
  • Opportunity for flexible working hours and Home Office;
  • Individual career path;
  • Social package according to the Foundation's internal program;
  • Opportunities for training and career development;

Stages of selection process:
  • Selection by documents;
  • Interview with approved candidates;
  • Presentation of a concept for the development of the Foundation in front of theBoard of trustees;
  • Submission of a job offer;
  • Welcome to the For our children foundation world!

How to apply?
If you believe, YOU are the person we are looking for:
  • Please send at hr@detebg.org your resume and cover letter in English by 20 September 2019 sharing your motivation to join our team and capacity to fulfill the requirements of the role;
  • Please, kindly note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

For our children foundation is registered as an administrator of personal data to the Commission for Data Protection. The personal data provided by you will be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process. For our children foundation takes the responsibility to handle, use and store your personal data, ensuring its protection in secret from the third parties.

If your dream big, if you want to make a positive and lasting change in Bulgaria and you believe that investing in child development and family support is the prerequisite for this positive change, You are welcome to join our team!