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Medecins Du Monde (MdM): Communication & Advocacy Advisor

Дата на публикуване:
04 септември 2023 г.
Валидна до:
02 октомври 2023 г.


OCCUPATION TITLE: Communication & Advocacy Advisor

Main mission:

To write project proposals and reports and contribute to the internal and external communication.
To implement mission-wide and national or cross-border regional advocacy activities.

Main activities:

•    Write project proposals and donor reports
•    Write activity reports, communication notes, etc.
•    Draft and monitor the mission’s advocacy plan
•    Accompany, support and strengthen the advocacy capacities of teams (MdM and partners) Communicate and distribute tools and documents
•    Monitor themes and policies in the area and the relevant theme
•    Lead and mobilise networks
•    Identify / map actors and representatives
•    Identify and/or organise key events
•    Define and proofread the consistency of key messages, construct arguments, review MdM
•    presentations Lobbying
•    Represent the programme both internally and externally
•    Manage resources required for advocacy activities (logistics, finance, HR, etc.)


•    Advise, arbitrate, and support measures to be taken in the event of difficulties, malfunctions and incidents

Main skills:

•    Identify, analyse, prioritise and summarise information relating to the field of activity
•    Research information, analyse and summarise political issues relating to the field of activity
•    Identify target audiences and stakeholders in an area, a thematic area (in the field of health,
•    media, charities and humanitarian work, public sector organisations, political decision makers) Create and develop a network
•    Define integrated needs, evaluate the impact of actions, adjust them accordingly and adapt operational activities to the constraints
•    Draft, adapt and formalise tools relating to the field of activity
•    Draft and format notes, documents and/or reports relating to the specialist area Communicate and relay a position
•    Identify training needs, design and lead training sessions
•    Use the Microsoft Office Pack
•    Work in a team
•    Master the language of the coordination (English)

Management skills
•    Draft action plans and follow-up indicators and results in a given area   Organise activities and objectives, distribute workload,
•    Communicate with the team,
•    Assess and develop colleagues’ skills.

Training - Previous professional experience required:

Explanatory note: Occupations are evaluated on the basis of common equivalents, based on both training and acquired experiential knowledge. The level mentioned expresses a minimum level of knowledge required for the job, whether this knowledge is acquired through initial training and/or experience in professional practice.

Level II generalist (humanitarian, political science)
Level III with experience in project management including advocacy

Different titles used for the posts: Ø

If you are interested, please send your CV to MdM at adminco.bulgaria@medecinsdumonde.net