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EC Call for Proposals: Projects Combating Environmental Crime

линк към страница

The overall objective is to boost the operational activities of law enforcement authorities, including via training and capacity building activities of competent authorities, in the fight against (1) wildlife trafficking, forest crime and other forms of wildlife crime; (2) trafficking in illicit waste; and (3) other types of environmental crime.


  • Boost intelligence-led investigations, including cross-border investigations and
    regionally focussed operations to tackle environmental crime;
  • Develop detection and investigation methodologies and tools, including the use of forensic techniques, IT technology, Earth observation techniques, methods for valuation and quantification of damage caused by environmental crime;
  • Develop know-how on preparation of national enforcement strategies to combat environmental crime;
  • Develop tools for exchange of intelligence and operational information;
  • Identify training needs for police and other enforcement officers, develop tailored training materials and organise training courses, including common events for police, customs, national environmental inspectorates and other administrative and judicial authorities in the field of environment and the judiciary;
  • Establish structured mechanisms (e.g. networks) to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation between different enforcement and judicial authorities at national and EU level;
  • Enhance cooperation between enforcement agencies of Member States, as well as between these agencies and (i) relevant EU and international organisations and agencies, such as Europol, Eurojust, Interpol, World Customs Organisation, (ii) third countries and (iii) relevant actors from the private sector;
  • Develop expertise and a strategic analysis of the environmental crime phenomenon;
  • Gather statistics and intelligence on environmental crime for the purpose of threat and risk analysis;
  • Explore and share good practices in investigating and prosecuting environmental crime;
  • Detect and analyse links with related areas of crime, such as corruption and illicit financial flows and raise awareness on environmental crime with agencies specialised in these issues

Proposals consisting exclusively in studies and/or conferences will not be considered

Lead Applicants must be established in Member States participating in the ISF Police instrument. Open to transnational projects (i.e. involving at least 2 entities established in 2 different Member States participating in the ISF Police instrument); seeking EU co-funding equal to or more than EUR 250,000; which have not started prior to the date of submission of the grant application. Union agencies are ineligible to apply as Applicants nor Co-applicants.

Eligible Activities

  1. activities promoting networking, public-private partnerships, mutual confidence,
    understanding and learning, identification and dissemination of good practices and
    innovative approaches at Union level, training and exchange programmes as well as
    organisation of seminars and workshops;
  2. analytical, monitoring and evaluation activities, including threat, risk and impact assessments, which are evidence based and consistent with priorities and initiatives identified at EU level, in particular those that have been endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council and projects monitoring the implementation of Union law and Union policy objectives in the Member States;
  3. the development and the dissemination of new methods and/or deploying new technologies with a potential for significant transferability to other Member States;
  4. the development and/or the implementation of tools/toolkits such as (e-)learning materials;
  5. the acquisition, maintenance and/or further upgrading of technical equipment, expertise, secure facilities, infrastructures, related buildings and systems, especially ICT systems and their components at the Union level;
  6. studies;
  7. management of the project and evaluation of activities



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