Информационен портал за неправителствените организации в България

ЕК: Конкурс „Стратегически партньорства за развитие на капацитет на организациите на гражданското общество в Източното партньорство" (ENG)

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The global objective of this call for proposals is to strengthen the role of CSOs as governance actors in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood.
  • The specific objective(s) of this call for proposal are:to establish a pool of framework partners that share's EU's vision on capacity development across the Eastern Neighbourhood and establish a framework of enhanced cooperation based on mutual interests and common general objectives;
  • to award specific grant agreements to a limited number of those framework partners, in order to increase capacities of CSOs and reinforce their role in the democratisation process in Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation.
Within this call for proposals the EU is aiming to select a total of up to 12 strategic partners and conclude Financial Framework Partnership Agreements with organisations that through their vision and actions, including financial support to third parties:
  • design and test new ways (financing tools) to fund CSOs and work towards improving CSOs' financial sustainability;
  • adjust capacity development programmes to the specificities of the local communities;
  • support CSOs in their own outreach and engagement with citizens and communities;
  • support the development of professional not-for-profit management and strengthen internal control and governance;
  • advance regional and thematic policy dialogue between civil society and relevant stakeholders.
The Financial Framework Partnership Agreements will constitute the basis for a medium term cooperation framework between the Commission and specific beneficiaries. The Commission intends to set up a network of Framework Partners which will enable regular communication and coordination (collectively and individually) on topics of mutual interest and in line with common objectives.
Amongst the selected Framework Partners, specific grants will be awarded to a limited number of organisations in order to:
  • Conduct activities to strengthen the capacities of CSOs to participate in the democratisation process in Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation and become better communicators of their work.
  • Provide Financial Support to Third Parties in Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation, and provide step-by-step support in the implementation of project funding received through, coupled with oversight of the organisations' own development strategies and ambitions.
Coordinate appropriately with EU Delegations and relevant donors on the implementation and monitoring of supported initiatives.



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