Terms of use

Terms of use of the ngo portal www.ngobg.info


1.1 These terms set up the general rules of use of the NGO portal. When accessing the services and resources provided by the NGO portal USERS declare their knowledge of the present terms of use, accept them and are obliged to observe them.

1.2 The TERMS of use can be updated at any time without prior notification of the USERS.


2.1 The services provided by this portal include access to database with information about non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bulgaria, possibility to create a personal website, space for placing announcements for job vacancies, search-and-find service of volunteers, space for publishing materials on the library section of the portal, notice board and placing events on the Calendar section. Besides, the portal offers subscription to a newsletter and RSS alerts.

2.2 Every USER has an access to the database with information about NGOs, and to the materials uploaded on the portal, to the use of RSS and the newsletter subscription. The registered users only have access to the rest of the services including registration of free website and placing job announcements on the portal.

2.3 The NGO portal should not be hold responsible to any losses, direct or indirect, or to any inflicted damages and missed benefits, produced as a result or related to the use of the website, or to its temporary inaccessibility.

2.4 The NGO portal has all rights to change the technology and design of the offered SERVICES with no prior notification.

2.5 The NGO portal asserts its right to send to its USERS system messages to inform about new SERVICES or changes in the terms and ways of use of current SERVICES.


3.1 After registering the USER acquires USERNAME (ID), PASSWORD and access to all SERVICES offered on the NGO portal.

3.2 The USER is responsible for keeping the confidentiality of the acquired USERNAME and PASSWORD and is solely responsible for all activities to which they give access.

3.3 The USERS bear responsibility for the information uploaded by them. Regarding the content of all advertisements on the NGO portal as well as the related registered trademarks the responsibility lies solely with the advertiser.


4.1 When using the SERVICES, subject of these General terms, the USER has access to diverse content and resources which can be an object of copyright or of other rights of intellectual property.

4.2 With the hosting of users’ content under any form on the NGO portal the USER grants to the NGO Portal the non-exclusive right to use, record, preserve and openly disseminate this content on the Internet, including the right to offer access to it to unrestricted number of persons in a way that allows each of them to freely access the content upon personal choice of location and time, and with no territorial restrictions (around the world). The right stipulated in the previous article is given for the time of hosting of the Users’ content on the server of the NGO portal as well as for a reasonable period after its removal.


5.1 The NGO Portal is not liable for the content, validity, and conformity with the law of links to WebPages, and to services or resources which have become known to the USER while accessing the services on the NGO portal.

5.2 The USERS of SERVICES are aware that the information, data, published opinions, written materials, software, music, sounds, photos, or any other kind of materials (further called briefly “CONTENT”), which are made public or are given confidentially, are liability solely of the person who generates this CONTENT. The NGO portal does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, validity, or the specificity of this CONTENT.

5.3 Accepting the present terms of use the USERS who have registered username, ID and password explicitly agree that the PERSONAL DATA provided by them would be electronically processed by the NGO portal.

5.4 In regard to the use of SERVICES on the NGO portal, the USER agrees to:

  • Give accurate , correct, valid and complete information about him/herself while completing the registration form (further called PERSONAL DATA);
  • Make changes of this data, if necessary, to improve its accuracy, correctness, validity, and comprehensiveness.
  • In case of providing fake, inaccurate, invalid or incomplete information by the USER, the NGO portal has the right to close down his email address or delete the information on/ about it and to decline any further access to part or to all of its SERVICES.

5.5 No offensive expressions and insults shall be allowed. Any expression of racial hatred and intolerance is strictly forbidden. Users are not allowed to instigate arguments and rows and to arouse hostility.