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About the Portal

The Bulgarian NGO’s Information Portal was launched in January 2010. It is created and managed by two non-profit organizations – the Programme and Analytical Centre for European Law (PACEL) and its partner, the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL). The Portal is a public benefit and not a commercial project.

The mission of the Portal is to offer exhaustive and diverse information that both presents and is of use to Bulgarian NGOs, donors, responsible businesses and citizens. Specifically, the Portal:

  • Provides NGOs with an independent platform where they can present themselves as they would like to be seen, without censorship or limitations, to help them promote their activities and to ease their access to potential supporters, employees and funding opportunities;
  • Provides donors and socially responsible businesses with an opportunity to promote their goals and programs among the most active citizens and, through the results and the work if their grantees, increase the public appreciation of their support for the development in different areas;
  • To provide citizens with a showcase of Bulgarian NGOs, offering diversity of materials and easy reference, to help the most active and socially engaged ones chose causes, areas and NGOs they would like to contribute to;
  • To provide journalists interested in covering civic activism with cases and stories they can further explore and present in their own materials.

The Portal hosts the most exhaustive database of active Bulgarian NGOs. Each registered organization can maintain its own profile and post in the Portal’s different sections – News, Campaigns, Careers, Announcements, Calendar, etc. Our team and interns also publish content, presenting outstanding NGOs, civic events, social causes, etc.

The creation of the Portal was funded by the Trust for Civil Society in CEE. Further support was provided by the C. S. Mott foundation, America for Bulgaria Foundation and Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria of the FM of EEA, which is currently our main donor.


Georgi Genchev

Team Leader