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Annual general meeting of the Fundamental Rights Platform

Annual general meeting of the Fundamental Rights Platform

Оn Monday, 2 October 2023,
online, 11:00-15:30 CEST (Austria) time.

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At this meeting, you will be invited to:
  • Take stock of the situation of fundamental rights in the EU
  • Exchange on how to tackle changing fundamental rights realities in the EU:
  • How to strengthen civil society security and resilience?
  • How to address the human rights dimension of climate change?
  • How do advances in AI impact on fundamental rights?
  • How to mainstream fundamental rights into the implementation of the EU’s Structural and Investments Funds?
  • Idea lab: Better together — how can we jointly unlock the potential of FRA-FRP cooperation?
  • “Wild card” sessions! CSOs will have a chance to invite fellow participants to reflect on their topics of choice.
Discuss FRA’s Fundamental Rights Report 2024

This is an online meeting. The virtual meeting room opens at 10:30 CEST.

If you have questions or need help with your registration, please email: frp@fra.europa.eu

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