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Strategic Development Officer

Дата на публикуване:
17 януари 2023 г.
Валидна до:
17 февруари 2023 г.
Един Процент Промяна
Пощенски код:
район Триадица, ул. "Бузлуджа" №25
, 0887516856
Ел. поща:
In general…

One Percent Change exists to make tangible changes in the society that we live in.
We want to reinvent the way people think about doing good and donating to charity, putting the community at the center of our efforts. In the past 80 months, we managed to unite thousands of people, collecting over half a million BGN and being the change for 10s of thousands of individuals across the country.

We have achieved this by adhering to a simple, yet strong set of values around diversity, transparency, and long-term impact.

Almost 7 years past inception, our goal is to grow this pioneering organization by being even closer to both donors and beneficiaries and inspiring more and more of them to join us!

About the role…

Greenfield work - help us strategize, plan and organize the organization’s business model, operations and programs.

Be in charge of all projects within the organization, work with the existing network of partners and develop it.

Support the organization of all of OPC events, making sure activities are organized, executed and properly documented

Develop our communication with donors via variable communication channels

Work alongside a diverse group of volunteers across community building, program execution and operations.

Be an advocate and an ambassador of the One Percent Change values, mission and vision.

Oversee and report on the organization’s results to a board of trustees.

When we talk about fundraising you would…

Work on fundraising initiatives, alongside volunteers and board of trustees members.

Be at service to the members of One Percent Change and the companies and organizations we work with.

Be responsible for the development and execution of pre-set deliverables, and lead specific projects through planning, budgeting, action plans and monitoring processes

Be the lead of the development of standardized relations and publicity materials for members and partners

Be fully responsible, utilizing 3rd party resources, for the onepercentchange.today website and the social media channels

Maintain and develop the various communication channels we use for members, partners and beneficiaries.

Work with partner companies in the field of digital marketing.

Be creative developing the media network content and publicize the work of the organization

Be innovative in the approach that communication strategy is set

Our Strategic Development Officer has:
  • Passion in the name of the good change and a kind self-starting personality
  • Good time management and organizational abilities
  • Motivation to change the community they live in and ability to work with goals and targets
  • Ownership of the aspects of the organization under their management
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a small close-knit team

What we offer:
The best team!
Competitive pay!

Be a part of a community that strives for a tangible change in the world.
This role is expected to grow into a director position.

If you are looking for a job, with a cause, send us your CV!