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Brazil (cooking class)

Brazil (cooking class)
Brazil holds the record of winning 5 times the Football World Cup. It has been the world's largest producer of coffee in the last 150 years. It is the world's fifth-largest country by area and the fifth most populous with 210+ million inhabitants. It is also one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse nations, due to over a century of mass immigration from around the world. Carnival is the most popular holiday in Brazil.

How about their cuisine? It varies greatly by region, reflecting the country's varying mix of indigenous and immigrant populations. However, feijoada (a stew of beans with beef and pork) and brigadeiro (small sweet balls of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles) are considered as 'national dishes'.

Join Luiz and Sil Castel, a brother and a sister with a passion for good food and owners of Botequim da Sil - Brazilian Food in Bulgaria, on 27 June at 18:30 in the Multi Kulti Center (5 Chernomen str., Sofia) to explore the typical Brazilian food as they know it - below is their description:

  • Entreé: SARDELLA, different from other sides of the world, in which Italian restaurants serve just bread with butter or even worse, bread with balsamic mix with olive oil, in Brazil, the more than 2 million (counting only between 1900 and 1950) immigrants brought up a super yummy sardines entreé called Sardella. A spice-up to taste, and incredibly yummy red sauce that doesn't look fishy, but it is like a piece of heaven over a fresh bread;
  • READY-MAIN-DAILY-PLATE = PF = ¨Prato-Feito¨: when walking through any Brazilian city, you feel hungry, either visiting your bestie or the closest "bakery", what you will find is PF - simplest, easiest and smallest salad = lettuce, onion, tomato + rice + beans and meat;
  • Dessert: BRIGADEIRO - wanna feel like a 7-years old Brazilian kiddo all excited about the best sweet that exist in the whole world? YES, it is home and HAND-made, you will get the touch of rolling your own choco-cooked-condensed milk ball.

BONUS: you will have a taste of 2 extra gifts from Botequim da Sil - both snacks are salty and offered in many different sizes in Brazil:
  • Coxinha is a seasoned minced chicken triangular shaped deep fried delicatessen;
  • Pão de queijo is simply the best cheese bread with a touch of cassava-mandioka you will ever taste!

The ticket includes preparation of the 3-course menu + 2 bonus snacks, coffee, tea, water and wine from Vino Orenda Wine Shop.

Early bird ticket before 18 June - 50 leva
Normal ticket after 18 June - 60 leva

To book your Brazilian culinary experience, register here - https://event.gg/12743/

Important: The event is organised as a part of the project "Multi Kulti Center in the Capital of Tolerance: Co-creation and First Steps" with the financial support of Sofia Municipality, Program Europe 2019 and we're pleased to offer full scholarships to 50% of the participants who might come from vulnerable groups. Please send your motivation on info@multikulti.bg or message us on Facebook.

This event will be held in English.

A special partner of the class is the amazing French bakery caramel.bg ♥


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